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Water is an essential ingredient for life on earth, and the wise use of water is more important now than ever. Depending on the plants chosen, the soil type and sun exposure, many wonderful plantings can grow fine and look great with minimal or no supplemental watering. By identifying the conditions in our gardens and getting to know our unique climate here in the Pacific Northwest, we can choose plants from parts of the world with similar weather conditions. Many popular plants are drought tolerant, and many of those are also native to the Pacific Northwest.

If an automated irrigation system is best, Healthy Gardens can design and install water-wise and very efficient drip and/or conventional spray head systems. Keep in mind that drip irrigation systems for landscapes can use as much as 60% less water than conventional spray head systems! We offer the two most efficient forms of drip irrigation: permanent inline emitters that can cover wide areas of garden, or individual plant drip irrigation, which target individual plants or small areas. We also offer ultra efficient controllers and rain sensors.

We can also install low cost less permanent soaker hose systems that run directly from outdoor faucets. This is a great help in establishing your landscape without the expense of a full-blown irrigation system. We are designing and installing rainwater collection systems in more and more of our gardens, and, where feasible, these systems can supply all of the water your landscape could need.

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